About me

Odilia Mezquia was born in Havana, Cuba, studied at the School of Fine Arts,

“San Alejandro”

Influenced by the surrealist and impressionist painting of the Masters, she has directed her painting along that path, with a language of the hands of a Woman.

The themes that she paints are all those that anyone can be interested in or feel, including feminism, mythology, spirituality and customs.
All that magic that c  .haracterizes her is poured into her work, so they have a very personal stamp of hers, making her work stand out.

The most used symbols in his paintings are the eyes, where he incorporates more than two, asserting that we are not alone in our own body, there are internal forces that accompany us… the apple, the fish, and the double figure in a way Very faded, feet and hands floating, all these symbols are loaded with the spirituality that Odilia draws on to create her work.

The pieces have a format ranging from a postcard to a mural.
reuses wood in cases where the work is personalized, because it always has an energy charge from its owner, thus making the client feel that he is part of the work and can interact with it.
in other works that use the new wood it puts its own load of energy on it.
She works with acrylic, oil, with textures of different materials, collage, incorporating wood into her paintings, as she said before, in a way that makes the painting not be like a square box, since the figure comes out of it.

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